Second Generation Weaponsight

One of our most popular systems ever--and for good reason. Our versatile second generation starlight AN/PVS-4 is a workhorse! It mounts on virtually any assault or sporting firearm using the standard 1913 Picatinny rail system.

Take the same "modular" system with a weapon mount adapter, choose reticle cell patterns for either .308 cal., .223 cal., or just plain cross hairs and mount it on the weapon of your preference for tactical needs. Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and Bright Source Protection protect the image intensifier. They are designed to recover rapidly enough from muzzle flash to allow the user to see the round hit the target. Automatic Gain Control maintains uniform image illumination during changing light levels. The projection-type reticle is externally adjustable for windage and elevation. There is also an external reticle ON and associated brightness control.

Third Generation Now Available!
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Second Generation Best Grade
Check us out on YouTube. To see a product video on the AN/PVS-4 Click Here
Multi-Purpose "Modular" Medium-Range Starlight System
Advanced 2nd Gen. 25mm MCP Image Intensifier Tube
Adjustable Projection-type, Illuminated Reticle
Internal 1/4 mil. Microclick Windage/Elevation adjustment
Mounts to Most Military, Paramilitary & Sporting weapons
Rapid-recovery Automatic Brightness Control
"Active Mode"--Detects Infrared Light
Wide 14 degree Field of View(1/4-20 Thread)
Tripod socket Built in--Biocular Eyepiece Available
Rugged, Lightweight Night Vision System
Competively Priced

Covert Stakeout Observation
Drug Control/Criminal Surveillance
Street Gang Observation
Sniper Team Aimed Fire
Maritime Surveillance
Field Observation
Search-and-Rescue Operations
Border Patrol and Security
Detective Agency Needs
Vermin Control
Infrared Light Source Detection
High Tension Line Corona Detection
Low-light Quality-control & Inspection

Magnification----------------- 4X
Field of View----------------- 14.5 deg.
Objective lens Diameter------- 95mm
Focal Length------------------ 115mm
f/Number---------------------- f/1.2
MTF at 40 lp/mm--------------- 70% min.
Focal Length------------------ 26.5mm
Eye Relief-------------------- 28mm
Diopter Range----------------- -5 to +4
Type-------------------------- Projection, Adjustable Illuminated
Adjustment-------------------- Internal AZ-EL. 1/4 mil. clicks
Focus Range------------------- 20ft. to Infinity
Moonlight viewing Range------- 705m
Starlight viewing range------- 460m

100% Contrast
.001 lux---------------------- 1.6 lp/mr
.1 lux------------------------ 2.6 lp/mr
30% contrast
.001 lux---------------------- 1.2 lp/mr
.1 lux------------------------ 2.2 lp/mr

Power------------------------- 2.7 to 3VDC
Battery----------------------- (2) "AA"
Battery Life------------------ 40 hrs/set

Temperature Range------------- -65 to +115 F
Humidity Range---------------- 0 to 98%
Shock Resistance-------------- Mil. Spec.

Type-------------------------- 2nd Gen. MX-9644 25mm MCP
Resolution-------------------- 28Lp/mm min.
Photocathode Response--------- S-20R
Gain-------------------------- 50,000 min.
Reticle----------------------- .233 cal, AR-15/M-16 or .308 M-1A/M-14

Lenth------------------------- 9.5 in. (24cm)
Width------------------------- 4.75 in. (12cm)
Height------------------------ 4.6 in. (11cm)
Weight------------------------ 3.8 lbs. (1.8kg)
Mounting---------------------- Universal Mounting Block

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