First Generation Weaponsight

This rugged versatile "modular" starlight system with the most advanced1st Generation intensifier, mounts on most popular weapons with STANO designed and manufactured mounting accessories. The STANO AN/PVS-2B Night Vision System is a passive starlight system used for aimed fire and surveillance.
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Check us out on YouTube. To see a product video on the AN/PVS-2b Click Here
Multi-Purpose "Modular" Medium-Range Starlight System
1st Generation 25mm 3-stage image intensifier with ABC Current, Best, Available
Mounts available for most weapons
95mm catadioptric objective lens
Base has 1/4 mil. micro-click windage/elevation adjustment
"Active-Mode"--Infrared light detection capability
High luminous gain
Tripod adapter available
Reliable, portable battery-operated night vision system
Economically priced

Covert Stakeout Observation
Drug Control/Criminal Surveillance
Street Gang Observation
Maritime Surveillance
Search and Rescue Operations
Border Patrol and Security
Detective Agency Needs
Vermin Control
Infrared Light Source Detection
High Tension Line Corona Detection
Low-light Quality-Control & Inspection

Magnification------------- 4X
Field of View------------- 10.7deg.
Focus Range--------------- 4m to Inf.
Objective Lens Diameter--- 95mm
Diopter Range------------- +4 to -4

Length-------------------- 17.5 in.
Width--------------------- 3.5 in.
Heigth-------------------- 7.75 in.
Weight-------------------- 6 lbs
Mounting------------------ Boresight Assembly

Power--------------------- 6VDC
Battery------------------- Rechargeable
Battery Life-------------- 40 hours continuous

Temperature Range--------- -65 to 115 F
Humidity Range------------ 0 to 100%
Shock Resistance---------- Mil. Spec.

Type---------------------- 1st Gen. 25mm 3-Stage Cascade
Resolution---------------- 36 lp/mm
Photocathode Response----- S-20R
Gain---------------------- 65,000 min.
Reticle------------------- NATO Broken "T"

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