Third Generation Mono-Tube Goggles


The AN/PVS-7B is one of the most advanced, high-performance night vision goggles in the world today. This unit provides greater user comfort and low-light level performance than the military standard AN/PVS-5A. The AN/PVS-7B delivers improved performance over other Gen.III equipment, with improved system resolution and nearly double the luminous gain. It can be operated for up to 40 hours, powered by two "AA" alkaline batteries. In addition, the AN/PVS-7B has a quick-release lever that permits one-hand mounting and un-mounting, an IR-ON indicator, and automatic high-light cutoff to protect the image intensifier, and a low-voltage indicator.

--The PVS-7B incorporates one easily replaceable, hermetically sealed image intensifier tube that delivers improved performance over previous equipment.
PVS-7B III Gen. (high)
$3,295.00 - New
Current Military Issue
Standard, reconditioned Grades - Limited Available
Can Detect Near Infrared as well as Visible Light
18mm MCP Wafer Image Intensifier Tubes
Lightweight, "Hands-Free" Systems
Uses AA or military batteries
1X Magnification
High-light cutoff feature
Maintenance free

Street Gang Observation
S.W.A.T Close-Range Shotgun Maneuvers
Drug Enforcement Covert work
Patrol and Security
Search and Rescue Operations
Night Pursuit
Firefighting/Detection via Infrared Detection
Boating Piloting and navigation
Small Arms Aimed Fire
Paramedic Needs
Infrared Light-Source Detection
Hypersensitive Film Manufacture and Processing
Night Driving
Low-light Quality Control and Inspection

Maginification------------------- Unity (1X1)
Field of View-------------------- 40 deg.
Resolution at 3X10(3) Ft L(lp/Mr) 0.81
Focus Range---------------------- 9.8 in. (25 cm) to Inf.
Objectives Lens
Focal Length--------------------- 26mm
f/Number------------------------- f/1.2
T/number------------------------- T/1.3
Diopter Range-------------------- +2 to -6
Interpupillary Range------------- 55-71mm

Length--------------------------- 6 in.
Width---------------------------- 6.1 in.
Height--------------------------- 4 in.
Weight--------------------------- 24 oz.

Power---------------------------- 2.7 to 3 VDC
Battery-------------------------- "AA"
Battery Life--------------------- 20 - 40 hrs. approx.

Temperature Range---------------- -59 to 113 F.
Humidity Range------------------- 0 to 95% at +65 C
Immersability-------------------- 1m (3.3 ft.)
Storage Temperature-------------- 71 to 149 F (57 to 113 C)

Shipped With:
Carrying Case w/belt clips and shoulder straps * IR LED System
* Headstrap Mount * Manual * (2)"AA" Batteries * Sacrificial Filter * Brow Pads

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