Double Tube Night Vision Goggle

NVG-500 night vision goggles are precision-manufactured to provide vision capabilities at night. Fast-lens systems and choice of three mounting configurations are available in both second and third generation. This system's advanced circuitry enables effortless viewing during changing light conditions. The State-Of-The-Art Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and rapid-recovery bright-source protection technologies protect tubes as well as help to maintain a constant image even when a signal flare or muzzle flash enters the field of view. Regardless of your Hands-Free night vision needs, you'll find that the STANO NVG-500 Night Vision Goggles are an essential part of a successful operation. You'll appreciate the high-quality optics and image intensification systems--all at a very attactive price.

Imagine!! Now you can see where nothing could be seen before.

Second Gen., Best Grade-
Third Gen.-
Current Military Issue
Standard, reconditioned Grades Available
Can Detect Near Infrared as well as Visible Light
"Active Mode"--Built in, switchable Low Level IR LED
Dual 18mm MCP Wafer Image Intensifier Tubes
Automatic Brightness Control
Rapid-Recovery Bright-Light Protection System
Lightweight, "Hands-Free" System Range 9.8 Inches to Infinity
No depth perception Problems
Operates approx. 40 hours on batteries
Fully Adjustable Optical and Physically for Users Comfort
Waterproof to at Least Three Feet

Street Gang Observation
S.W.A.T Close-Range Shotgun Maneuvers
Drug Enforcement Covert work
Patrol and Security
Search and Rescue Operations
Night Pursuit
Firefighting/Detection via Infrared Detection
Boating Piloting and navigation
Small Arms Aimed Fire
Paramedic Needs
Infrared Light-Source Detection
Hypersensitive Film Manufacture and Processing
Night Driving
Low-light Quality Control and Inspection
Maginification------------------- Unity (1X1)
Field of View-------------------- 40 deg.
Resolution at 3X10(3) Ft L(lp/Mr) 0.6
Focus Range---------------------- 9.8 in. (25 cm) to Inf.
Range (Man size target 1/4 moon)- 150m(492 ft)
Objectives Lens
Focal Length--------------------- 26.6mm (1.05 in.)
f/Number------------------------- f/1.09
Diopter Range-------------------- -2 to +6
Interpupillary Range------------- 58-72mm(2.28-2.83 in.)

Length--------------------------- 5.5 in.
Width---------------------------- 6 in.
Height--------------------------- 4.5 in.
Weight--------------------------- 1.9 lb. (0.86kg)
Power---------------------------- 2.7 to 3 VDC
Battery-------------------------- (2) "AA"
Battery Life--------------------- 30 - 40 hrs. approx.

Temperature Range---------------- -65 to 125 F.
Humidity Range------------------- 0 to 95% at +65 C
Immersability-------------------- 1m (3.3 ft.)
Storage Temperature-------------- 71 to 149 F (57 to 113 C)

Type----------------------------- dual MX-9916 18mm wafer-type MCP
Resolution----------------------- 28 Lp/mm
Photocathode Response------------ S-20R
Gain----------------------------- 7,000 min. 15,000 max.

Shipped With:
Unity Lens System * Carrying Case * IR LED System
* Headstrap Mount * Manual

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