Night Vision Pocketscope

Imagine being able to observe people and animals up close without them knowing you are there--this is only possible at night! At night, you need something small and lightweight. The Night Explorer Pocketscope fits the bill. It is astonishing. The Night Explorer is a state-of-the-art night vision pocketscope. It utilizes current second generation Micro Channel Plate technology. This is the same NV technology that our forces relied on in Operation Desert Storm. It is the smallest night vision pocketscope that we have ever seen! It fits securely in the palm of your hand, weighing in at approximately 10 oz, and five inches in length with its lenses. Don't take our word for it--Compare it! Then you be the judge. The Night Explorer uses common universal "C" mount lenses. The units come complete with (1)25mm (1X)Lens and soft carrying case for easy storage and transportation. Adapts perfectly to your cameras or camcorders. Now the Night Explorer is even better, can be head mounted and weapon mounted, pictures showed below. Prices available upon request. Truly a remarkable product at an unheard of price.
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Check us out on YouTube. To see a product video on the Night Explorer Click Here
Smallest Pocketscope Available
18mm MCP Intensifier 2nd Gen. Advanced Technology
State-of-the-Art Auto Brightness Control
Auto Gain Control
Lightweight--ideal shape Adjustable Eyepiece, Allows comfortable In-Hand Extended Viewing
Battery Life is 40 to 50 Hrs. Constant use
Inexpensive--In Stock For Immediate Shipping
Can Detect Visible and Infrared Light

Covert Stakeout Observation
Street Gang Observation
Drug control/Crime surveillance
Border patrol and security
Detective Agency Needs
Maritime Surveillance
Paramedic Needs
Search and Rescue Operations
Infrared Source Detection
Hypersensitive Film Manufacturing and Processing

Weight: Without Lens-------------- 8oz.
Lenght: Without Lens-------------- 3.4".
Width----------------------------- 3 in.

Magnification--------------------- 1X, 2X, 3X Power
Field of View--------------------- 10ft to 50ft
(Varies with Lens) Viewed at 200ft.

Type------------------------------ 18mm MCP 2nd or 3rd Gen.
Resolution------------------------ 28-32 Lp/mm
Photocathode Response------------- S-20 or GA
Gain------------------------------ 2nd-7,000 to 10,000 3rd-20 to 25 thousand

Power----------------------------- 2.7 to 3 VDC
Battery--------------------------- (2) "N" Batteries
Battery Life---------------------- 20 to 40 hrs.

Shown here with hands free goggle adaption

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